XXVIII EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

 Rome, Italy    September 1-5, 2024

Round Table Discussion

Breakfast Round Table Discussion on the Development of the Pharmaceutical Sector in sub-Saharan Africa will be organise during the symposium. For organisational reasons, participants are kindly requested to sign up for the Round Table Discussion via their online registration.

Wednesday, September 4 | 7:30 - 8:30

Breakfast Round Table Discussion: "Fostering the Development of a Pharmaceutical Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa: The role of Learned Societies"
Chair: Prof. Gabriele Costantino, University of Parma, IT

The establishment of a pharmaceutical sector is central to the progression of many African countries towards the status of Middle-Income Country, and essential for the pharmaceutical security and safety of nearly one billion of people. The development path requires not only investments and infrastructures, but also a step head in know-how and expertise in the field of discovery, clinical evaluation, industrial processes and regulatory aspects. Learned societies such as EFMC can become key actors in the process, taking a leading  role not only in dissemination and formation but also in collaborating with decision makers to elaborate and propose alternative models of growth and expansion of the industrial and academic sectors.