XXVIII EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

 Rome, Italy    September 1-5, 2024

Session Topics

The parallel sessions are grouped in 3 different themes:

  1. Chemical Biology
  2. Drug Discovery Projects
  3. Technologies

In addition, the programme contains five open sessions: First Time Disclosures (I & II), Late Breaking News/Recent Developments, Highlights in Medicinal Chemistry as well as a special session on Early Career Women in Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology. For these sessions, the talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts.

For most of the below topics, two slots in the programme will be available for an oral communication selected out of the submitted abstracts.

Chemical Biology

  • Small Molecule Treatments for Protein Misfolding Diseases
    Chair: Dr Mark Bunnage, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, US

  • Tackling “Difficult-to-Drug”-Targets with Chemical Biology Approaches
    Chair: Dr Jacob Bush, GlaxoSmithKline, UK
  • Bio-orthogonal Synthetic Chemistry (AFMC Session)
    Chairs: Prof. Youngjoo Byun, Korea University, KR & Prof. Sun-Joon Min, Hanyang University, KR

  • Targeting RNA and RNA-modifying Enzymes
    Chair: Dr Matthew Fyfe, Storm Therapeutics, UK

  • Solute Carrier Protein (SLC) Transporters as Targets for Drug Discovery
    Chair: Dr Andreas Gollner, Solgate, AT
  • Chemical Induced Proximity Approaches for Therapeutic Intervention
    Chair: Dr Gregory Hollingworth, Novartis, CH

  • Targeting RAS (ICBS Session)
    Chair: Prof. Zaneta Nikolovska-Coleska, University of Michigan, US

Drug Discovery Projects

  • Drug Discovery Beyong the Rule of Five 
    Chair: Prof. Iwan De Esch, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL

  • Chemical Strategies to Modulate Neuroinflammation (ACSMEDI Session)
    Chair: Prof. Nadia German, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, US

  • Trends in Peptide Drug Discovery
    Chair: Prof. Gilles Guichard, University of Bordeaux, FR

  • Advances in Immuno-oncology Therapy with Small Molecule Inhibitors
    Chair: Dr Pravin Iyer, Zydus Lifesciences, IN

  • Impact of Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery
    Chair: Dr Herbert Nar, Boehringer Ingelheim, DE

  • Early Integration of Translational Strategies into Discovery Projects
    Chair: Dr Antonia Stepan, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, CH

  • Addressing Unmet Needs on Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases
    Chair: Prof. Vincenzo Summa, University of Naples, IT


  • Novel Methodologies in Photo- and Electrochemistry
    Chair: Dr Lisa Candish, Bayer, DE

  • Reality Check “AI in Drug Design” – State of the Art or Fiction - an EFMC² session
    Chairs: Dr Werngard Czechtizky, AstraZeneca, SE & Dr Nadine Schneider, Novartis, CH

  • Computational Chemistry and Computational Biology in Drug Discovery
    Chair: Prof. Marco De Vivo, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IT

  • New Technologies for the Discovery of Protein Degraders (CPA Session)
    Chair: Prof. Ke Ding, Jinan University, CN

  • Sustainability – Green Chemistry
    Chair: Álvaro Enríquez García, Eli Lilly and Company, ES

  • DNA-Encoded Libraries (ACSMEDI Session)
    Chair: Prof. Amanda Garner, University of Michigan, US

  • New Technologies for Drug Delivery (EuChems Session)
    Chair: Prof. Francesco Peri, University of Milano/Bicocca, IT

Special Session (selected from submitted abstracts)

  • Early Career Women in Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology
    Chairs: Dr Maria-Jesús Blanco, Atavistik Bio, US & Prof. Maria Laura Bolognesi, University of Bologna, IT
  • Breakfast Round Table Discussion on the Development of the Pharmaceutical Sector in sub-Saharan Africa
    Chair: Prof. Gabriel Costantino, University of Parma, IT

Open Sessions (selected from submitted abstracts)

  • First Time Disclosures (I & II)
    Session Chairs to be announced
  • Late Breaking News/Recent Developments
    Session Chair to be announced
  • Recent Highlights in Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology
    Session Chair to be announced