SPICA Virtual Session

Descriptions of the Talks

Role of chromatography in mRNA vaccine Manufacturing
Dr Piergiuseppe NESTOLA
SARTORIUS STEDIM BIOTECH, Tagelswangen, Switzerland

In this webinar Sartorius purification experts demonstrate the flexibility that can be achieved with an mRNA purification toolbox featuring monolithic chromatography. As a new and rapidly developing field, one of the challenges for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines is the lack of standardization. With multiple production platforms, processes vary – as do the impurities that may be introduced. This impedes the development of a single purification platform.

Lecture in memoriam Klaus Unger
Klaus K Unger - the Constant Quest to Flatten the Curve
Dr Michael M. SCHULTE
MERCK KGAA, Darmstadt, Germany

The talk will focus on the scientific work by Klaus Unger (1936-2020) in the field of bioanalytical and preparative chromatography. From the development of efficient HPLC sorbents in the 1970s up to 2D LC-MS analytics in Proteomics Klaus Unger and his research group have contributed enormously to modern chromatographic techniques. In more than 300 publications and several text books his research has been published. The presentation will focus on the highlights from 50 years of chromatographic research with a special view on preparative technologies. Beside the scientific work Klaus Unger´s contribution to the conference series PREP/SPICA will be honored.


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